TwInbox – Use Twitter directly from Microsoft Outlook

TwInbox is a add-in for Microsoft Outlook. It seamlessly integrates Twitter into Outlook. It is a perfect Twitter client for any Outlook user, from a Twitter newbie to a business professional. Compatible with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010.

Features of TwInbox includes;
– Update your Twitter status directly from Outlook.
– Receive your friend updates in Outlook.
– Archive, manage, group and search your tweets the
same way you manage your email (details).
– Search, track keywords. TwInbox will automatically download ALL tweets matching the keywords you specify, even if you are not following the tweet sender. This feature is perfect for keeping up to date with the Twitter buzz on your name, brand, interests, etc.
– Group tweets by sender, topic, etc using the Search feature.
– Manage multiple Twitter accountsnew!.
– Upload and post picture files and Outlook email attachments.
– See new tweets at a glance (details).
– Assign custom folder and categories to new messages.
– Use Outlook’s “Reply” and “ReplyAll” commands to send twitter direct messages and @replies.
– Automatically sort new tweets into per-sender folders.
– Shorten URLs with
– See graphs of your Twitter usage statistics.
– Tweets sent to you (@replies and direct) are marked with high importance, so you can see them at a glance.

TwInbox (.exe)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Certainement l’un des add-in parmi les Outlook-Connectors de l’Année ! allez-y … Twittez à partir de votre Client de messagerie préféré : Microsoft (R) Outlook !


  2. This is cool stuff! Now if only Outlook would work properly in the first place…


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