Microsoft Download Center gets the Metro UI!

Microsoft has recently upgraded the Microsoft Download Center website to have the Metro User Interface look and feel. This is the newest upgrade of various Microsoft product and services site to go Metro.

According to Microsoft;

Welcome to the new Microsoft Download Center! We have added new features and content areas to help you discover more of what Microsoft has to offer.

Visit the new Microsoft Download Centre.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I was on this afternoon for some Livecast introducing Troubleshooting aspects around XP Mode and Hardware-Assisted Virtualization tool I made for content publishing purposes. I found It changed and I also found IT more speed and easier to navigate in to find answers and liknk to other ressources like Microsoft Answer and banniers about Hyper-V and things like this that made me feel not alone 🙂

    What a Wonderfull World ! I enjoy …

    TY for the confirmation of that New Look and …

    TY Microsoft for this new Users Experience Launch … again 🙂

    I’ll post about IT, very Nice … and usefull !


  2. […] the rest here: Microsoft Download Center gets the Metro UI! « Windows Info Portal Filed Under: GeneralTagged: download, interface, Metro, metro-user, microsoft, Microsoft […]


  3. […] then apply all updates to the products. However, all SP1 packages are available for download from Microsoft Download Center. You can download and install the following service packs for each product that you have […]


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