Technical Whitepaper: Learn How Microsoft IT Deployed Internet Explorer 9 to more than 100,000 desktop computers around the world

Microsoft has made available for download a document on how Microsoft IT used its own deployment tools and management technologies to reduce the time, cost and complexity of planning, building, and deploying Internet Explorer 9.

Deployment Process

Microsoft wanted to test the prerelease versions of Internet Explorer 9 in order to help provide feedback to the Internet Explorer product group during development. In addition, Microsoft also wanted to verify application compatibility and deployment tools to ensure that scenarios were fully tested for enterprise-wide rollout before the public release of Internet Explorer 9.

Microsoft developed a testing and deployment strategy that delivered Internet Explorer 9 to more than 100,000 desktop computers around the world.

– Improved the final product by providing feedback to the product group during deployment
– Improved employee satisfaction with the solution
– Streamlined and automated testing processes and workflow
– Reduced effort to administer and support the solution
– Reduced Helpdesk incident support rate
– Delivered Internet Explorer 9 RTM ahead of milestone goal using well defined processes and automated tools

This white paper describes the deployment planning, delivery process, and ongoing support for Internet Explorer 9 across Microsoft. The paper is intended for enterprise technical decision makers, technical architects, and deployment managers who are considering an Internet Explorer 9 deployment.

Note: This white paper is based on the experience and recommendations of Microsoft IT as an early adopter. It is not intended to serve as a procedural guide.

Microsoft IT Deploys Internet Explorer 9 (.docx)


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