Microsoft Office 365 to hit GA on June 28, 2011

In a Twitter announcement on Thursday June 2, by a senior Microsoft executive; Office 365, the successor to Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) with desktop productivity functionality added, will be generally available June 28.

Microsoft also revealed that there will be a webcast on June 28 to “share the latest Office 365 news”.

Earlier in April 2011, Microsoft expanded the beta testing of Office 365, allowing users and business from 38 countries around the world to try out Office 365.

Microsoft has already begun educating its partners and customers about its BPOS-to-office 365 migration strategy. For more insights about the planned migration that might be of interest to adminsitrators/IT managers, check out this Office 365 migration presentation from TechEd.

Packaging and pricing of the suite already has been announced as well.

At launch on June 28, Office 365 will be available in 40 different countries.

Microsoft Partners can now download the Office 365 Digital Launch Sales Kit – Contains essential collateral to help you sell Office 365 to your customers.

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