Office 365 Trial Guide for Enterprises & midsize Businessess from Microsoft

Microsoft recently revealed  Office 365 Subscription Plans for Enterprises & midsize Businessess, whichs means Volume Licensing customers can start ordering Office 365. To aid administrators and technical decision makers in a company who want to gain experience with Office 365 to evaluate better its benefits for their company, Microsoft has also made available for download Office 365 Trial Guide for Enterprises & midsize Businessess.

This trial guide begins with a review of the services that are available in Office 365, and a description of their capabilities. The rest of the guide is designed to be used as a real-time road map that provides step-by-step instructions to help you understand quickly how to configure your environment, manage your company’s account, and then work with the services that are available in Office 365.

These step-by-step procedures are grouped into the following scenarios:
Scenario 1: Signing Up for a 30-Day Trial
Scenario 2: Performing the “Start Here Tasks”
Scenario 3: Adding a Custom Domain to Office 365
Scenario 4: Managing Exchange Online
Scenario 5: Managing a SharePoint Site Collection
Scenario 6: Preparing Your System for Office 365
Scenario 7: Using Exchange Online
Scenario 8: Using SharePoint Online
Scenario 9: Using Lync Online
Scenario 10: Getting Support
Scenario 11: Converting a Trial Account to Paid Subscription

To use this guide, you need to have acquired a trial account, or be ready to acquire a trial account to start working with the Office 365 environment. The guide assumes that you are using an E3 trial or subscribing to one of the “E” plans for Office365.

Administrators can create up to 25 user accounts for other decision makers in the company who want to experience the Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 Guides for midsize business and enterprises (.docx)


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