Resolve: Office for Mac 2011 activation error “The product key is not valid”

If after you install Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 or Office for Mac Home and Student 2011, and you enter the product key when prompted, and receive this error message: The product key is not valid. Make sure that you entered the correct key. If the key doesn’t work, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support, then this KB article might help resolve the issue.

Product keys differ, depending on the version of Office for Mac 2011. It is important to enter the correct product key that corresponds to the product that you have.

To make sure that you enter the correct product key, follow these steps:

1. Verify that you are typing the product key and that you are not typing one of these other numbers:
– The CD set number
– The disc assembly number
– The part number
– A 27-character PIN

Important: The product key contains 25 characters. If there are 27 characters, then you have a PIN and not a product key. To obtain the 25-character product key, visit this website, and use the 27-character PIN:

2. The product key location differs based on the kind of product that you purchased: If you purchased a boxed product, the 25-character product key is located inside the disc case or on the back of the disc sleeve on a rectangular orange label that is included with the installation media.

If you purchased the product through a website, the product key is sent to you in an email message.

For more troubleshooting steps, visit Microsoft KB2390862.

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