How to activate Office Mac 2011

Activation is a new feature in Office Mac 2011. All previous versions of Office for Mac, other then trial, did not require Activation. The goal of Product Activation is to reduce a form of piracy known as “casual copying” or “softlifting.

After you activate the software product, a specific product key is assigned to the computer hardware on which you installed the product. Product Activation is required to use the product. If you choose to click on the Activate Later button, the product will run for 15 days only. When launching an application it will remind you to activate with the message:

If you choose to not to activate after 15 days, the product will not launch and the following message will be displayed:

To activate Office Mac 2011, follow these steps:
1. Launch application and click Enter your product key

2. Review the Software License Agreement and click Continue

3. You must agree to Software License Agreement. Click Continue

4. Enter your product key and click Activate

The Activation Wizard automatically contacts the Microsoft licensing servers through your Internet connection. When you activate the product by using the Internet, the product key is sent to Microsoft through an encrypted transfer. If you decide to activate the product through the Internet and you are not already connected, the wizard alerts you that there is no connection. Click either Activate by Phone or Activate later.

Note: Do not lose the product key. Keep the packaging, or note the number. Keep the number information in a safe location. Your product key is a unique sequence of 25 letters and numbers divided into groups of 5. If you purchased a box with a DVD: The product is located on the back of the Office for Mac DVD sleeve. If you purchase through a web site, The product key is sent to you in email with the title Microsoft Office for Mac – Order Confirmation

5. If the activation is successful, you receive the following message

If for any reason the activation fails, click Activate by phone. Select your location and then dial the phone number on the screen.

Note: Telephone activation might take longer than activation through the Internet. You should be at the computer when you call. Additionally, you should have your software product key. When you select this option, the Activation Wizard generates an Installation ID. You must have this Installation ID to activate the product by telephone.

You can also check out this article on How to resolve Office for Mac 2011 activation error “The product key is not valid.



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  2. Posted by Paul on October 12, 2011 at 7:48 pm

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    Do you know of saving the Microsoft office activation so that I don’t need to activate every time I install operating system through microsoft server, found But this is for windows.



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