Windows Phone – Work productively from the office or on the go

Microsoft deployment of Windows Phone to its permanent employees has been remarkably efficient and smooth, as the new Windows Phone users learned quickly how to maximize their phones’ capabilities, and use applications that enable them to work efficiently in the office or remotely.

Windows Phone includes Microsoft Outlook Mobile, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile, and Microsoft Office Mobile. Windows Phone integrates with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync for synchronizing email, calendar, and contact information with Exchange Server.

The Windows Phone integrates with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. SharePoint Server 2010 includes Microsoft OneNote, which enables users to take notes on their Windows Phone.

All Windows Phone functionality are made available to users via an Office Hub, which is a central location on their phones from which they can access the various Office tools. Users can access, synchronize, view, and respond to email messages and calendar requests directly from their Windows Phone.

Based on thorough research, careful planning and marketing, clear communications, and cohesive cross-team collaboration, and verifiable by strong user ratings, Microsoft has created a smartphone that truly does just work, right out of the box.

To learn more about Windows Phone platform’s power, versatility, and ease of use, check out the Microsoft article on How Microsoft Deployed Windows Phone to Employees .

Intended Audience: Business decision makers, Information Technology (IT) managers, marketing managers, and support personnel.


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