Whitepaper: Recommended Database Maintenance Tasks for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products

Microsoft has made available for download a document describing recommended database maintenance tasks for SharePoint 2010 products.

This white paper provides information and guidelines for maintaining the databases that host Microsoft SharePoint 2010 data and configurations. It describes and provides examples of the database maintenance tasks that we recommend when using SharePoint 2010.

Routine database maintenance is essential for the smooth operation of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 databases.

The recommended maintenance tasks for SharePoint 2010 databases include:
• Checking database integrity.
• Defragmenting indexes by either reorganizing them or rebuilding them.
• Setting the fill factor for a server.
• Shrinking databases to recover unused disk space.

Consistently maintaining the databases that host SharePoint 2010 can significantly improve the health and performance of your system.

Ensure that you have reliable backups for all databases before you implement maintenance operations and maintenance plans.
Before you implement consistently running maintenance operations or a maintenance plan, test the impact of the operations on your system, and the time required to run them.
As much as possible, set any maintenance operations or maintenance plans to run during off hours to minimize the performance impact to users.

Database Maintenance for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products (.docx | .pdf | .xps)

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