Whitepaper: Exchange Deployment Options – How Best To Deploy Microsoft Exchange in Your Organization

Microsoft has released a document Exchange Deployment Options which is intended to help organizations choose how to deploy Microsoft Exchange using the most suitable available option.

The purpose of this paper is to help you choose how to deploy Microsoft Exchange:
1. Exchange Server 2010 on-premises
2. Exchange Online with Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud, or
3. Using both in a temporary or permanent hybrid scenario.

Knowing the benefits and limitations of each deployment option can help you make the right decision for your organization. Whatever you decide, the deployment flexibility that Microsoft provides with Exchange makes it easier for you to get the right solution for your business.

Microsoft offers flexible deployment options, enabling you to choose the deployment style that best fits your needs. If you need the highest degree of ownership and control over your infrastructure and data, Exchange Server 2010 is for you. If you want the availability, management, cost, and other benefits of the cloud, you can deploy Exchange Online with Office 365. If you need to migrate gradually or maintain some user data on-premises and some online indefinitely, a hybrid deployment between Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Online is available. Whatever you choose to deploy, Exchange delivers a flexible, reliable platform, anywhere access, and improved protection and compliance.

Considerations for choosing the right deployment option for your organization includes:
Cost Savings
– Storage and hardware cost
– Mailbox size

Management and Control
– Administration
– Integration with Microsoft productivity tools
– Upgrades
– Reporting

Anywhere Access
– Productivity Tools
– Voicemail

Protection and Compliance
– Regulatory Compliance
– Archiving and eDiscovery
– Data Protection
– Anti-spam and antivirus protection

Reliability and High Availability
– SLAs and availability reporting
– Support

Technology Differences

Exchange Deployment Options (.docx)

You may also want to check out How to deploy Exchange 2010 (On-Premises) using the Exchange Server Deployment Assistant. This tool asks you a few questions about your current environment and then generates customized instructions you can use to upgrade to Exchange 2010.

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