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How to resolve error message ‘Another installation is in progress’ when you try to install Office or start an office program

If when you try to install Microsoft Office or to start an Office program and you receive the error message:
Error 1500. Another installation is in progress. You must complete that installation before continuing this one.’, then this article may interest you. Continue reading


Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper (Beta) – Start, Scan & Recover your malware infected Windows PC

Microsoft has made available a recovery tool, Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper (Beta), that can help you start an infected PC and perform an offline scan to help identify and remove rootkits and other advanced malware. This tool can be downloaded at Microsoft Connect. Continue reading

Microsoft System Center Updates Publisher 2011 now available

Microsoft has released the System Center Updates Publisher 2011 and it’s now available for download at the Microsoft Download Centre. Continue reading

Windows Phone apps hits the 20,000 mark

Microsoft recently approved over 1,200 apps, bringing the total current number of Windows Phone app on the Windows Phone Marketplace to 20,000. Continue reading

Microsoft launches Dynamics CRM Online Solution Center

Microsoft has launched a new Dynamics CRM Online Solution Center. The Solution Center is intended to help customers learn and get resolutions for recent issues. Continue reading

Microsoft to expand Windows Phone Marketplace from 16 to 35 countries

Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone Marketplace will be available in more markets. With the next flavor of Windows Phone, called Mango, Microsoft is expected to enhance the experience application developers receive from the platform, as well as from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Continue reading

Internet Explorer 9 Now Available in 93 Languages

Recently, Microsoft released support for IE9 in 53 additional languages, making IE9 available in a total of 93 languages. Internet Explorer 9 is now available in more local languages than any other browser on Windows. Continue reading