Microsoft releases ‘Teach Kids Mobile Safety’ brochure

Microsoft has released a brochure Teach Kids Mobile Safety and its available for download at the Microsoft Download Centre.

This brochure discusses how to work with kids to set clear limits for mobile device use, and responsible use as well as how to get help from technology and what to do if there are problems.

Basic tips on teaching kids safe and responsible phone use includes;
Share their phone number only with family and close friends: Do not put it on social network pages, use it to enter contests, or give it to just anyone who asks for it.

Lock the phone with a PIN that they keep secret (even from best friends) to prevent others from snooping or misusing it.

Not say, text, or post anything that would hurt or embarrass someone: NO bullying. Period.

Not make, send, or accept provocative texts, photos, or videos: Once they are shared, they can be forwarded to anyone, anytime, even years in the future.

Avoid clicking links in ads, contests, text messages (even from friends) offering free prizes and the like. It may allow malware that could damage the phone, or lead to the sale of their information or theft of their identity.

Teach Kids Mobile Safety brochure (.pdf | .xps)

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