Redeem your Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs) & maximize the returns on your software investments

If your organization purchased Microsoft Software Assurance with a Microsoft Volume License Agreement, then your organization is likely eligible for an SATV redemption.

Qualifying organizations that purchase Software Assurance from Microsoft receive a specific allotment of training days to be used for technical classroom training. Customers can convert these days to Training Vouchers to be used for select courses taught by Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions. The Training Vouchers are electronic and can be used at any participating Learning Solutions partner location worldwide.

Training Vouchers is valid for 180 days from their creation date. Therefore if the voucher is not used by the designated employee before 180 days, the voucher will automatically be revoked and the days will go back into the company pool of days to be used by someone else.

Benefits of customers redeeming and using their SA Training Vouchers includes:
– No need for additional training budget: The cost of the training is already included under the Software Assurance coverage; therefore, no additional budget will be required to send employees to technical training.

– Increased employee skill level: Employees will have the opportunity to take eligible technical courses to increase their overall skill level and help boost their overall productivity.

– Guidance from a Learning Solution Partner: Our Learning Solution Partners have the knowledge to create the perfect training plan for your organization that will ensure the maximum utilization of your Training Vouchers.

– Guaranteed pricing: Microsoft has already set the pricing for the training with the Learning Solutions partners, therefore customers only need to know that one Training Voucher day equates to one classroom training day.

To get started, visit the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services site to activate your SATVs.

How to redeem your SATVs:

1. Training vouchers can only be redeemed at participating Learning Solutions partner locations. To find a participating Learning Solutions partner in your area, click here. Please make sure to click on the box that states “Software Assurance Vouchers Only”.

2. Decide on the training course and available date you want and register with that CPLS.

3. View the various training courses and course dates available by the various CPLS.

For more information about the SATV Program, you can access the Microsoft’s Software Assurance Training Voucher FAQ (.pdf)


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