Microsoft launches Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program to streamline mobile device policies

Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) is an XML-based protocol that communicates over HTTP (or HTTPS) designed for the synchronization of email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes from a messaging server to a mobile device. The protocol also provides mobile device management and policy controls.

The EAS Logo Program is designed for handset OEMs that license the EAS protocol from Microsoft for use in mobile email clients that connect to Exchange.

The program specifies features and management policies an OEM must include in its EAS client to ensure an enterprise-ready experience for end users. These functional requirements can also help address the concerns of the IT professional, who must deal with an increasing number of consumer-purchased devices connecting to Exchange.

The qualification program is defined as follows:
– Specific requirements for EAS clients on mobile email devices set by Microsoft
– EAS client test plan defined by Microsoft
– Third-party lab to test qualification candidates from handset OEMs
– Support for EAS client development by OEMs through Microsoft Services Premier Support

Program Requirements includes:
– Must be current EAS licensee
– Use EAS v14 or later
– Direct Push email, contacts & calendar
– Accept, Decline & Tentatively Accept meetings
– Rich formatted email (HTML)
– Reply/Forward state on email
– GAL Lookup
– Autodiscover
– ABQ strings provided: device type and device model
– Remote Wipe
– Password Required
– Minimum Password Length
– Timeout without User Input
– Number of Failed Attempts

All Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile 6.5 devices meet the requirements of the Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program.

The table below shows devices that have been reviewed by Microsoft to meet Exchange ActiveSync Logo Program requirements:

For more detailed information, visit Microsoft Exchange Server TechCenter


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