AOKLite & AppTitude, solutions you can use to quickly identify & solve Windows 7 Application Compatibility issues

When it comes to organizations being able to easily migrate from Windows XP and IE6 to Windows 7 and IE8/9, application compatibility is one of the deployment blockers IT Pros encounter.

Microsoft in collaboration with it’s partners has made available two great tools viz; AOKLite and AppTitude, to help IT Pros solve application compatibility issues which they might encounter during deployment.

AOKLite is a free downloadable version of ChangeBASE’s core software, the AOK Workbench which enables members of the TechNet community to test and automatically fix up to 10 applications ahead of migration. It automates the process of identifying and solving incompatibilities between new or updated software and the existing infrastructure, as well as highlighting incompatible applications before a migration takes place. It also automates many of the other tasks in the packaging process, such as enforcing standards, resolving inter-application conflicts and Windows Installer errors, to enable faster, more cost-effective migrations.

AppTitude automates pre-migration application testing and application remediation, speeding Windows 7, Microsoft App-V, Internet Explorer, Windows Server, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop and 64-bit implementations.

AppTitude uses an automated approach, a combination of static and runtime analysis, and “revisitable application DNA” for managing a constantly changing environment. With impeccable accuracy, AppTitude eliminates much of the manual testing involved in application assessment. Empowering enterprises with knowledge about their applications and the success those applications will have on new technologies.



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