Microsoft Software Assurance Interactive Benefits Chart for Volume Licensing

Microsoft has designed and made available an interactive chart to compare program benefits available across various Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs.

Chart data includes descriptions and eligibility summaries for all Software Assurance benefits including New Product Versions, 24×7 Problem Resolution Support, Windows 7 Enterprise Edition, Deployment Planning and Training services amongst others.

To use the interactive chart: Click on any Software Assurance Benefit name or Volume Licensing program for a brief description. Roll over the check mark to see entitlement descriptions for individual Benefits.

Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing helps boost productivity across organizations by enabling users to get the most out of Microsoft software with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, phone and web support; deployment planning services; end-user and technical training; and the latest Microsoft software releases and unique technologies, all in one cost-effective program.

Microsoft Software Assurance Interactive Benefits Chart (.pdf)

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