Where and How to confirm that your Microsoft software is genuine

Genuine Microsoft software is published by Microsoft, properly licensed, and supported by Microsoft or an authorized partner – giving you full capabilities, access to all the latest updates.

Benefits of using genuine Microsoft software:

Up-to-date: Using genuine Windows means you have access to all the Windows updates provided by Microsoft, giving you the confidence that your computer is up-to-date with everything you need and expect.
Access to support: Only users of genuine Windows will have access to Microsoft support to help troubleshoot problems with Windows when needed.
Everything you expect: Genuine Microsoft software comes with the documentation, components, and features provided by Microsoft and does not include unauthorized programs.
Protection from the risks of counterfeit: Research shows that buying and using counterfeit software exposes users to security risks, including viruses and spyware. Better protect yourself from these risks by making sure you are buying and using genuine Microsoft software.

Click here to validate your Microsoft Software.

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