Microsoft IT puts a new spin on User Support with ‘Tech Link’

Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT) Tech Link centers provide Microsoft employees and vendors with a walk-in location where they receive face-to-face troubleshooting support from the Microsoft IT group’s (MSIT) personnel.

Tech Link is a walk-in, no-appointment-necessary support centers that provides users with face-to-face, quick, and efficient problem resolution.

The centres will enhance customer satisfaction and improve productivity among employees and vendors who contact support personnel to resolve hardware and software issues.

Benefits includes;
– Significant increase in customer satisfaction based on user surveys that MSIT conducts after each Tech Link transaction.
– Convenient locations so that users can walk in (no appointment necessary) and receive face-to-face help with hardware and software issues.
– Improved resolution time for most user issues.
– Noticeable improvement in user and corporate productivity.

Microsoft IT Tech Link: A Face-to-Face Approach to Support (.docx)

You can also get help and support using Microsoft Easy Assist which allows a Microsoft support professional to remotely connect to your computer and help you solve a problem.

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