Guidelines on how to design websites for mobile phones browsers, from Microsoft

Microsoft has made available a document which outlines guidelines on how to design websites for mobile phones viz; Windows Phone 7, iPhone & Blackberry and the document can be downloaded at the MSDN App Hub.

Image Credit: TheWindowsClub

These guidelines are provided to assist developers in optimizing Web content for mobile browsers, particularly for Internet Explorer Mobile.

The document is divided into four sections.

Considering Mobile Browsers: This section shares best practices for being considerate of the mobile browsing experience without dependencies on specific browsers or devices.

Detecting Mobile Browsers: Whether you are reusing content and adapting existing Web pages or creating new content targeted for the phone browser, the techniques described in this section may be relevant and useful.

Adapting for Mobile Browsers: This section explains how something as simple as adding a single HTML tag to an existing Web page can enhance the mobile browsing experience. Also, by customizing the browsing experience with CSS and JavaScript, developers can deliver the same content with progressive enhancements to both desktop and mobile browsers.

Targeting Mobile Browsers: This approach may involve repurposing or retailoring Web pages, but focuses more on how to create new content specifically for viewing in mobile browsers such as Internet Explorer Mobile.

Designing Web Sites for Phone Browsers (.pdf)


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