Resolve: Updates failed to install on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2

This article may interest you, if when you try to install an update to Windows, install a Windows component, install a Microsoft or third-party software program, and you receive the following error message: Unable to view Windows Roles or Features

You may also receive the following error codes, when you try to connect to the Microsoft Windows Update Web site or to the Microsoft Update Web site: 0xC80001FE, 0x80200010, 0x80070643, 0x80246002, 0x80070490, 0x80070420, 0x80073712, 0x80246007, 0x80000FFF, 0x80070424, 0x80248007, 0x8007064C, 0x8024D00C, 0x8007066A, 0x80245003, 0x8024402C, Failed Service pack installation.

This problem may occur if one or more of the following conditions are true:
– Windows Update database is corrupt
– Antivirus software is configured to scan %Windir%\SoftwareDistribution directory
– Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) service does not receive a content link header
– A required system file is registered incorrectly
– Windows installer encounters and error
– Corruption in the Component Based Servicing (CBS) manifest
– Windows update service has stopped during the installation
– File version mismatch with windows update agent files

Head over to Microsoft KB2509997 to resolve the issues, using the methods outlined.

Note: After you perform the steps in each method, test to see whether the problem is resolved before you go on to the next method. If the problem is resolved by any method, you do not have to use the remaining methods.


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  1. In many cases, the update may fail to install windows vista and windows7 in the first instance, but for some inexplicable reason, succeeds in the 2nd or 3rd try. So try a couple of times..


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