Microsoft TechNet ‘IT Time’ Video Series Launched

This new video series features Microsoft experts been interviewed on their technologies, as well as discussions on how IT Pros can benefit from using these technologies.

IT guests are invited to join the online radio show to discuss Information Technology topics.

System Administrators, IT Engineers, Product and Program Managers, and other guests from inside and outside Microsoft join the broadcasts to share their insights on topics like Windows Deployment, Cloud Computing, Windows Azure, Virtualization, Web, SQL Server, Exchange Server, and other tools and resources from Microsoft.

This video series will run each Friday with a new session and will cover numerous Microsoft technologies that IT Pros will be interested in. The first video in the series covers Office 2010 and some related deployment scenarios and tools. The second video focuses on Windows Phone 7 and will be delivered in a three part series.

Head over to Microsoft to watch these free videos to learn more about the latest Microsoft technologies and services. You can also download the videos to view them offline.


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