Express Deployment Tool for OEM Partners now Available from Microsoft

Microsoft has realeased the Express Deployment Tool (EDT) to OEM Partners.

This tool is intended to help Microsoft’s system builder partners quickly, easily, and correctly deploy PCs with Windows 7, Office 2010, PC Essentials (The Windows Live Essentials suite plus Bing Bar combination is known as PC Essentials, in Microsoft parlance.), and Microsoft Security Essentials.

The Express Deployment Tool (EDT) makes it easier to install software quickly, and create a consistent and customized end-user experience.

With its wizard-based interface and simplified process of preinstallation, the EDT is designed to help system builders realize all the benefits of the traditional OPK in a fraction of the time.

Benefits of using the Express Deployment tool includes:

– Greatly reduces the time required to install and deploy Windows 7, Office 2010, PC Essentials, and Microsoft Security Essentials.

– Wizard-based interface consolidates and simplifies the preinstallation process allowing system builders to quickly and easily create a quality PC with a customized user experience.

– Reduces deployment complexity and decreases the learning curve to create a robust solution that deploys without user input during the installation process and includes hard drive recovery, the complete PC Essentials software stack, and rapid deployment method.

– Can help system builders increase end-user satisfaction and ultimately grow their business.

Click here to download the Express Deployment Tool as well as the Step-by-Step Guide (.pdf).

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