Return On Investment (ROI) Tool from Microsoft helps you Calculate the Benefits of Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Professional was designed to work the way you want, help you get more done, and help safeguard your work. Speed, productivity, easy of use are but a few of the many reasons to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional. So if you are about to upgrade or already have upgraded, you can calculate the expected ROI on Windows 7 Professional using the Windows 7 Pro ROI Tool.

The tool details in just a couple of minutes the potential productivity gains from upgrading to Windows 7 Professional.

You will be required to enter your details – number of PCs, laptops etc, change the currency to your local currency, and then take a look at the cost benefits.

Figures are based on productivity gains, which can be up to 6 days per user per year. When you spread that across even just a few users it’s apparent that you gain significant business benefits.

The results provide an estimate of how much you could save with Windows 7 Professional based on worldwide industry research by IDC (.pdf).

So, what are you waiting for, crunch the numbers using the Windows 7 Pro ROI and upgrade your business to Windows 7 Professional!

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Via TechNet

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