Submit Feedback or Report Bugs for Internet Explorer 9 RC to Microsoft

A Feedback Tool with Problem Steps Recorder is integrated into Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate to report bugs or send feedback direct to Microsoft Connect.

Microsoft would like to hear feedback on:

– Site Pinning and Site Mode features such as Jumplists and Preview Buttons
– Add-on Management and performance
– Implementation of standards such as HTML5, CSS3, and SVG
– Implementation of hardware accelerated graphics and D2D rendering
– General rendering and layout performance improvements
– JavaScript engine performance and interoperability improvements
– Updates to Developer Tools

How To Use the Feedback Tool:

– Click on Tools button or press ALT+X and click on Send feedback to launch the tool.

– After initialization, just enter your Windows Live ID, that will associate you to Microsoft Connect.
– Once its done; Start reporting issues, you have.

To better assist you to file a bug properly, check out this article How to File a Good Bug Report from Microsoft.

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