Introducing Microsoft ‘Student to Business (S2B)’, an employment & skill building Program for students

The Microsoft S2B program is a Microsoft® Community Initiative designed to connect Microsoft partners and customers with qualified students for entry-level and internship positions.

The objective of the S2B program is to inspire local businesses to communicate the competency requirements for new talent, to evaluate the skills of students ready for an entry-level job or internship and collaborate with Microsoft and local education institutions to provide the curriculum and training needed to ensure students are prepared to meet the innovation needs of company’s around the globe.

Values of  Microsoft S2B Program?

Skills: Career streams, training and certification offers, filling the gap between the skills that students graduate with and the skills needed for employment.
Software: Access to software via DreamSpark and MSDNAA at no cost.
Experience: Meet and compete with other student innovators at the Imagine Cup.
Jobs: Access to entry-level Job postings from Microsoft partners & customers.

The S2B program was first piloted in Italy in 2006 and has since been rolled out in more than 65 countries, connecting more than 300,000 students with new career skills, leading to 15,000 students with jobs and internships as part of the Microsoft community.

Head over to Microsoft Students to Business site and register for the program!

Registration is now on for ‘Microsoft Protégé 2011‘, so are you currently studying an undergraduate degree at a UK University? If Yes, click here to register & win 4 weeks paid work experience and mentoring with Microsoft, plus a brand new Windows Phone 7!


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