The Microsoft Guide to Valentine’s Day

Are you a bit of mess when it comes to Valentine’s Day? Are you nervous and lost when put under the pressure of being extra romantic on February 14th? Well, not any longer!

Some people may not know this but Microsoft is a super romantic love machine of a company! Microsoft has services and products that will make SURE your sweetie feels nothing but love from you this Valentine’s Day.

Get ready to take some notes from the “Microsoft Guide to Valentine’s Day.”

Also Download the Valentine’s Day Themepack, LacyHearts, for Windows 7 and get inspired for a week of romance!

The 1.31 MB all-red-and-pink theme download contains 4 desktop wallpapers.

Note: This theme was released by Microsoft last year!

Download: Valentine’s Day LacyHearts Windows 7 theme | Love Birds wallpaper from Microsoft

Happy Valentine’s Day Celebration From Windows Info Portal. 😉

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