SharePoint 2010 FireStarter Videos now available on Channel 9

Microsoft kicked off the new year with the SharePoint 2010 Firestarter event. This all-day, in-person event was held in Redmond, WA and streamed online.

The speaker line-up included Office and collaboration experts. Watch the recorded sessions and gain a strong understanding of how SharePoint fits with different pieces of technology that you use every day.

Developers can build collaboration applications on the platform features of SharePoint 2010.

New tools for SharePoint 2010 make developers more productive, and the new hosting options for SharePoint solutions provide more flexibility in deployment.

These sessions take a lap around SharePoint 2010 for developers, providing an overview and code-based demos of the major new features in building user interfaces, building on the data platform, and in general programmability.

Below is/are the videos from January’s live event:
Session 1: Keynote
Session 2: SharePoint 2010 Developer Overview
Session 3: SharePoint 2010 Developer Tools
Session 4: SharePoint Development in the Cloud with SharePoint Online
Session 5: Integrating SharePoint with Office
Session 6: Integrating SharePoint with Azure
Session 7: Integrating SharePoint with Silverlight

Check out for SharePoint Developer Center on MSDN | SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Course on Channel 9 for resources on getting started with SharePoint 2010.

Join Microsoft Platform Ready, for free assistance in moving your SharePoint applications from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010.

Thanks: Bruce D. Kyle ISV Architect Evangelist | Microsoft Corporation


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