Whitepaper ‘Enabling Trusted Interactions and Minimizing Risks in the Online World’ from Microsoft

Microsoft is working towards promoting greater online trust and safety through a range of measures, by incorporating online safety features and tools into its products and services, like Windows Azure.

As the volume of content and interactions enabled by cloud computing has grown, the potential for users to encounter objectionable material or face other online risks has increased.

In light of growing public awareness about online safety and interest in cloud computing, Microsoft has prepared this paper to examine the issues involved and offer an overview of the company’s online safety efforts.

This paper also identifies a number of ways that policymakers can help protect individuals online, including enacting stronger laws against cybercrime and child exploitation, supporting industry self-regulatory principles, promoting Internet safety education in schools, and funding research on online risks.

Download: Personal Safety in the Cloud: Enabling Trusted Interactions and Minimizing Risks in the Online World (.pdf | .xps)


This article(s) ‘Protecting Your Information On the Go’ brochure now Available from Microsoft! | Free Digital ebook for teens from Microsoft: ‘Own Your Space – Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online’ | Download: Microsoft Family Online Safety Tips brochure might also interest you!


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