Medical Doctors to use Xbox Controller for 3D X-rays

BodyViz company based at the Iowa State University Research Park, has created a new method or x-raying patients. The new method provides x-ray organ scan images in full colour 3D. The technology works by taking old black and white car scans, MRI and CT data and converting it into vivid 3D images.

Researchers created the technology by hiring video game programmers to help create 3D environments of the body.

The technology is being used by the Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX, and allows surgeons to survey their operations in 3D.

Surgeons use the data to look inside a patients body and calculate the optimum way of entering the body before an operation. The technology helps surgeons prepare for operations in minutes instead of hours and offers much greater levels of detail and accuracy.

The idea is routed in action video games and uses Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller to allow doctors to surf through a scan and identify early signs of cancer or blockages in arteries.

Check out the video below to see how BodyViz works:

For more information visit BodyViz’s website



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