Users can now access Microsoft automated ‘Fix It’ solutions in one place

Microsoft has made available a set of a 23 downloads for the most common fixes on one page via the Microsoft Download Center.

The page lists all the most common Fix It solutions a Windows 7 user may need, in one place!

Simply find the download that closely matches the problem you are having.

The list of ‘Fix It’ downloads contains the following:

– Windows Aero
– Audio Playback
– Audio recording
– Codecs
– Devices
– Homegroup
– IE Addon
– IE Performance
– Maintenance
– MSN Client
– Performance
– Pictures
– Power
– Printing
– Search
– Setup TV Tuner
– Time Zones
– Windows Firewall
– Windows Update
– Windows File and Folders
– Windows Media Security
– Windows Security

Download a file or all the files @ Microsoft Download Centre.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Very good advice for computer newbies! Nice job. Keep it up.


  2. I totally agree with your points. The steps of listing in your post are quite useful for getting this problems resolved.


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