Windows Phone 7 Feedback Survey from Microsoft

Microsoft has issued a feedback survey to allow owners the chance to give Microsoft direct valuable feedback.

The survey asks owners to rank features inside Windows Phone 7 from not influential to very influential. Microsoft has also included an open-ended question – “What, if anything, would you change about your Windows Phone 7?”

Microsoft is on the verge of shipping a Windows Phone 7 update and currently has over 6,500 applications at the Windows Phone MarketPlace and over 20,000 registered Windows Phone developers.

Microsoft is promising performance enhancements for its first Windows Phone 7 update, due in February. The update, codenamed “NoDo”, will improve application start-up and resume times and introduce the important copy and paste feature.

Microsoft is also expected to detail a second bigger update in February at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain. Microsoft’s second update will introduce enhanced developer controls for applications and updated Silverlight components.

Click here to complete the Microsoft’s survey, if you are interested.



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