Download: The Ultimate Guide to Speech Recognition in Windows 7 now Available!

Speech Recognition is a technology which is used for controlling computers using some voice commands and that is too very accurately. Imagine you are using your computer without touching keyboard or mouse instead using it by giving commands verbally to do your basic computer tasks. This is easily possible if you are using a Windows 7 PC.

This excellent guide explains everything about a superb feature of Windows 7 which is called as ‘Speech Recognition’. It is available in Control Panel and you can access it from there very easily.

The 28 page FREE eBook is pretty exhaustive and covers topics like:

– Preparing Computer to work with Speech ecognition
– Connecting a microphone to your computer
– Setting up Speech Recognition
– Setting speech options
– Working with Windows Speech Recognition
– Dictating text using Speech Recognition
– Controlling Computer using Speech Recognition
– Troubleshooting common Speech Recognition problems
– Common commands in Speech Recognition
– And more!

According to the author;

Using Speech Recognition in Windows 7 will ultimately help you and increase your productivity by saving lots of time in performing certain common actions. Most of people find it hard to use voice commands for controlling their computer because they don’t know how to use it perfectly. In this e-Book I have tried my level best to pack all the information I came across and I know about Windows Speech Recognition. I hope you find the eBook useful and enjoy using Speech Recognition to control your Windows 7 PC.

The author of this eBook, Nitin Agarwal is an Microsoft MVP awardee in Windows Desktop Experience category and an independent technology analyst for Windows IT Pro and other Microsoft products and blogs at Windows Nitin is also the author of The Complete Windows 7 Shortcuts eBook.

Download: The Ultimate Guide to Speech Recognition in Windows 7.

Via: TheWindowsClub.


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