Windows 7 Mobility Centre: Adjust settings before giving a presentation

Presentation settings are options on your laptop that you can apply when giving a presentation. If you’ve ever had your display screen turn black during a presentation, you’ll appreciate the option allowing you to automatically turn off your screen saver every time you give a presentation.

When presentation settings are turned on, your laptop stays awake and system notifications are turned off. You can also turn off the screen saver, adjust the speaker volume, and change your desktop background image. Your settings are automatically saved and applied every time you give a presentation unless you manually turn them off.

To do do so, via the Control Panel, open Windows Mobility Center and in the Presentation Settings tile, click on the Turn On button. This will turn on the Presentation Settings.

Additionally to change settings, type presentationsettings.exe in Start Search and hit Enter.

Change the settings to what you want them to be, while giving a presentation.

You can also create a desktop shortcut for it using the path as C:\Windows\System32\PresentationSettings.exe.

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