Coming Windows Phone 7 first update will disable unlocking exploit

The Chevron WP7 tool which was developed for unlocking the Windows Phone 7 devices, was discontinued by the developers itself within a week of it’s availability in the month of November.

This tool allowed the users to deploy any third-party Windows Phone 7 applications without requiring a Marketplace developer account and adding custom ringtones (which is a missing feature in the locked WP7 devices).

Though the Tool was officially removed from their site, there were reports about the tool was still being utilized. But not any more!

In a blog post by Developers of the Tool;

after the first update for Windows Phone 7 (codenamed NoDo) which is slated to be released this month, the tool will no longer work, as the first WP7 update will disable the “Code Error”.

The developers of the tools also hope to meet up with the Windows Phone 7 Team next week to discuss the Homebrews future to the platform, in addition to that they’ll also work on bringing stronger protection of WP7 developer intellectual property (IP).


Catch a glimpse of What to expect in Windows Phone 7 January Updates!


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