Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7 Interoperability Site for iPhone Developers

Microsoft has launched an interoperability site for all the new developers coming to the new Windows Phone 7 platform. This site guides the developers coming from work experience over other platforms like iOS and Android OS to bring their applications to the Windows Phone 7 platform in order to design a complete WP7 app.

The goal is to help them leverage existing skills, and provide recipes to successfully design and build applications for the Window Phone. The site will also address interoperability scenarios aiming to provide tools and guidance to help developers building applications for multiple platforms.

There are 2 chapters currently available for the Developers, which includes:
Chapter 1: Windows Phone 7 Platform introduced to iPhone application developers.
Chapter 2: User Interface Guidelines.

Upcoming Chapters includes;
Chapter 3: Developer and designer tools introduced to iPhone application developers
Chapter 4: C# programming introduced to Objective-C programmers
Chapter 5: Application Lifecycle differences between Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone
Chapter 6: Windows Phone 7 Notification Service introduced to iPhone application developers

Next Chapters [To be defined] could cover:
– Networking
– Web services
– Data binding
– Database and data management

Visit the WP7 Interoperability Site.

Thanks: Sagar

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  3. Very good advice for computer newbies! Nice job. Keep it up.


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