Microsoft Online Services Licensing Guide now Available!

Microsoft recently released a document which details the purchase, activation, and support of Microsoft’s commercial software services known as Online Services.

Microsoft Online Services is a set of services that can help you incorporate cloud-based computing into your business.

Microsoft Online Services offers four different types of licenses:
– Services Subscription License (SSL)
– Add-on Subscription License (Add-on SL)
– User Subscription License (USL)
– Device Subscription License (DSL)

These four types of licenses are required in different ways and combinations for each of the Online Services, depending on which service category they fall into.

Delivered via a subscription and offered over the Web, Online Services complement your existing Microsoft on-premise solutions for users with rich desktop PCs and for users accessing applications via a Web browser.

– Subscription terms vary by offer, ranging from month-to-month, 12-month and 3 year subscription terms
– A critical portion of the software resides outside the customer’s IT environment
– Applications are hosted primarily at Microsoft data centers
– Microsoft or the partner, not the customer, manages the operation, upkeep, and maintenance of
the software
– The version of software running is the most current so that customers benefit from the latest software functionality without complex IT management
– Services are priced monthly and billed either up front or annually for the term of the subscription

Customers can use as many Microsoft Cloud Services as they want or as few. One in which software in the cloud integrates with software onsite. And one in which customers get the quality Microsoft software they want and need, on their exact terms.

Download Microsoft Online Services Licensing Guide and see how Microsoft Online Services can transform the way your organization does business!


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