7 Reasons to Switch/Upgrade to Windows 7

Just in case you have not made that important decision to switch or upgrade to Windows 7, below is/are 7 simple reasons to help you decide.

7 Reasons to switch to Windows 7:

1. Faster, more responsive performance: Nobody likes to wait, so we designed the operating system to start up, shut down, resume from standby, and respond faster.

2. Streaming media in your home: Windows 7 makes it easy to use your PC to stream music, videos, or photos to your home audio-video system and other networked media devices.

3. Improved taskbar & desktop: Full-screen previews, Pin any program to the taskbar so it’s always just a click away. Rearrange the icons on the taskbar just by clicking and dragging. Windows 7 simplifies how you work with the windows on your desktop. For example, Snaps lets you easily compare two open windows side-by-side.

4. Reduce interruptions: When Windows 7 needs your attention, you’ll see an Action Center icon and can find out more by clicking it. Or wait and read it later when you have time.

5. HomeGroup: This great new feature is set up automatically when you add the first PC running Windows 7 to your home network. Store digital photos on a computer in one room and access them in another.

6. Jump Lists: Access recently used files with just two clicks. Right-click the relevant program icon (such as Word) on your taskbar and Jump List will show your most recent, frequently used, and pinned Word documents.

7. Windows Search: Windows 7 makes search results more relevant and easier to understand. It also uses libraries to show all content of a particular type, like photos, in one spot.

System requirements:
Processor: 1GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

Memory: 1GB RAM (32-bit) / 2GB RAM (64-bit)

Hard disk: 16GB available disk space (32-bit) / 20 GB (64-bit)

Video card: DirectX® 9 graphics processor with WDDM 1.0 or later driver

Visit the Microsoft Store – Windows 7 page.


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