Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 5,000 apps mark

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has reached 5,000 applications since its launch on October 21. currently lists 5,022 applications on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Another online app tracker is currently listing 4,994 applications.

The chart at the top clearly shows how quickly the marketplace has grown since its initial inception. Offering developers a chance to make money for the applications that are housed in a central repository, similar to Apple’s model, has worked well for Microsoft despite the fact that all previous Windows Mobile applications no longer worked on the new platform.

Microsoft is planning to release a Windows Phone 7 OS update in early 2011. Microsoft is officially saying that the update is due in early 2011. Microsoft officials will detail the upcoming changes at CES.

Windows Phone 7 is a key part of Microsoft’s long term mobile strategy and it’s expected the software giant to detail a second bigger update in February at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Spain. Microsoft’s second update will introduce enhanced developer controls for applications and updated Silverlight components.

The company is currently planning to unveil a first update, to introduce copy and paste functionality, in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Microsoft recently began distributing the copy and paste update to developer devices.

See below Microsoft’s first update recently leaked in a video of the company’s implementation of Windows Phone 7 copy and paste.


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