What is Microsoft Agent?

Microsoft Agent is a technology that provides a foundation for more natural ways for people to communicate with their computers. It is a set of software services that enable developers to incorporate interactive animated characters into their applications and Web pages.

The Microsoft Agent characters are the Office Assistants. The characters includes Clipit (the paper clip), The Dot (a shape-shifting and color-shifting smiley-faced red ball), Hoverbot (a robot), and The Genius (a caricature of Albert Einstein).

The characters would interact with users by offering help with tasks currently being performed.

However, Microsoft Agent is now obsolete. The technology is not included in Windows 7, and it will not be included in any later versions of the Windows operating system.

When you try to start a program in Windows 7, you may receive an error that is associated with Microsoft Agent and the program may crash.

For example, when you use Microsoft Office XP and you press F1 to open the Office Assistant, you receive the following message:

The Office Assistant requires Microsoft Agent 2.0 or later versions. This product is available in the Office System Pack.

You can download Microsoft Agent as a hotfix for your Windows 7 computer if you still need to run these legacy programs.

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  1. Posted by Henry on December 28, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    i think i like this, microsoft is the best software producers i’ve ever seen.


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