Download: Microsoft Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool goes live!

Microsoft has made availabe the Windows Service Pack Blocker tool and it can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Centre.

The tool allows businesses to block Service Packs in preparation for when they’re available on Windows Update and Automatic Updates.

A number of businesses use the tool to block the automatic update from company machines. The tool works for 12 months after the RTW (release to web) of a service pack. After that, Microsoft pushes out the Service Pack to everyone with Automatic Updates enabled, regardless of any previous blocks.

This toolkit contains three components. All of them function primarily to set or clear a specific registry key that is used to detect and block download of Service Packs from Windows Update. You only need to use the component which best serves your organization’s computer management infrastructure.

– A Microsoft-signed executable
– A script
– An ADM template

Download: Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool.


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  2. […] who don’t want to upgrade to the first service pack just yet, you can download the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Blocker Tool from Microsoft. The toolkit blocks the installation of the service pack for 12 […]


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