Kinect is The Next Big Thing: 10 amazing Kinect Hack videos of 2010

Everyone knows by now the Big Thing for the year looked to be Apple with the iPad, but lets be honest, Kinect has only been out for going on 2 months now and has taken off like some kind of wide spread viral infection.

It’s just not only the XBox users that are so excited and grabbing them up like they won’t be sold anymore, it’s the masses with the PC!

There have been a number of exciting hacks for Kinect on PC so far and with that let’s take a look at 10 videos.

1. Touch-free interface to Doctors
Kinect could bring touch-free interface to Doctors and operating theaters. Its a Vitopsy project.

2. American Sign Language using Kinect
The KinMote Project. Originally done using a set of knitted gloves that contained accelerometers, developers have now ditched the gloves and focused directly on hand movements.

3. Minority Report Style Hand Detection
GA Tech CopyCat and Kinect Program: Using hand movements to mimic style used in the movie Minority Report. Also see Kinect Hand Detection Project by MIT group Kotaku.

4. Make yourself Invisible using Kinect
Article at Popsci: Optical Camouflage project that makes you look invisible

5. Nintendo Game Super Mario Brothers played using Kinect
Playing Super Mario Brothers with Kinect, done by developer Yankeyan and posted on YouTube.

6. ROS Robot control using Kinect
Willow Garage Project page for the ROS and Kinect: Control a Robot using hand gestures and the Kinect by Robotic Company Willow Garage

7. Control Windows 7 using Kinect
MIT Media Lab, group responsible for the project: Early stage demo of Windows 7 being controlled by Hand gestures on the Kinect.

8. Light Saber Kinect Project
Using a using a wooden stick and the Kinect to create the 3D Light saber effect. Done by developer Yankeyan.

9. 3D Video using Kinect
3D modeling using the drivers written for Kinect on PC. Developed by Oliver Kreylos.

10. The KinMote Project
KinEmote is an easy-to-use application that allows Windows users to navigate the menus of Boxee and XBMC media portals using nothing but hand gestures that are captured by Microsoft’s Kinect or any other OpenNI compliant camera.

The above videos might not be the entire list of Hacks for the Kinect on PC, but they are the most noted. One can only guess what the new year will bring for this new yet young technology.

Source: TheWindowsClub.

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