Highlights: 10 Most Viewed “Microsoft Windows” Videos of 2010

Here are the top 10 most viewed “Microsoft Windows” videos of 2010. Enjoy!

1) “Double Rainbow” — Windows Live Photo Gallery
How do you capture a full on, double rainbow, all the way across the sky in a single shot? You don’t! As Paul “Bear” Vasquez himself shows us, you do it in three. With Windows Live Photo gallery, you can use Photostitch to combine adjacent photos and capture that giant double rainbow in a single panorama photograph!

2) PC & Mac take flight — Avatar & Windows 7
See how PC & Mac stay entertained on a long flight together with the help of Blu-Ray on Windows 7 and Avatar.

3) Seven Whopper Patties for Windows 7
Good things come in groups of 7. Like this guy trying to take a bite out of a Whopper stacked 7 patties high.

4) Easy to Create Beautiful Videos – Windows Live Movie Maker
With Windows Live Movie Maker, it’s incredibly easy to create really gorgeous videos. Windows Live program manager Brian and his mom show you how simple it really is.

5) The Future of Technology — Windows 7 + Windows Live
Technology is supposed to help make life easier, but sometimes it leaves us even more frustrated and disconnected. See how Windows 7 + Windows Live changes everything.

6) Getting Started Tutorial – Windows Live Movie Maker
Everything you need to know about working in the new Windows Live Movie Maker environment to get started.

7) Personalization: Your PC, Your Style
Make your PC yours — customize the theme, colors, sounds, and more with Windows 7.

8. Introduction and Walkthrough – Windows Live Movie Maker
Windows Live project manager walks you through the brand new WIndows Live Movie Maker. Watch and see for yourself how easy it is to create movies of all your pictures and videos and then try for yourself.

9) Zombies – My Idea – Windows 7
David & his roommates aren’t satisfied to just mow down Zombies on Xbox. So they use Windows 7 with Intel Widi to enjoy an up-close-and-personal Zombie blog from the Internet to their big screen TV. And enjoy some real, live intimacy with the undead.

10) “Meet Bear” — Windows Live Essentials
Get to know Paul “Bear” Vasquez, the man behind the now world famous “Double Rainbow” sensation. Bear is someone special. He’s entered the world of social media in hopes to share laughs, smiles, and insights. It’s not about the product, it’s about the people. It’s about the viewers, the users, it’s about you. And more importantly this project also shows how powerful sharing photos and videos can be. With Windows Live Essentials people can now share their lives with everyone and anyone, and can influence each other’s lives in a positive way. That’s what is so cool about Bear’s story.

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