Windows Phone 7: How to change the default Windows Live ID

If you start using Windows Phone 7, you will need to have and setup a Windows Live ID. The first ID you use will be its default Live ID, and your Phone will be registered against this Windows Live ID.

You will require this ID to access Microsoft services like Marketplace, Xbox LIVE and Zune Pass from your Windows Phone 7.

Q: what if you decide to change your default mail Windows Live ID?

A: Well there is no way to change this Live ID, and the only way to do it is to go for a Reset! After a reset, you can use the other Id you want to. The other additional email accounts can of course be removed without the need to reset the phone.

How To: To Reset your Windows Phone, flick and go the App list page and scroll down to Settings. Open it and tap on About, which may appear towards the end of the list. Here you will see the button: ‘Reset Your Phone‘.

Tap it and your Windows Phone will reset itself back to factory settings!

Important: Resetting your Windows phone back to the original factory settings will erase all personal data, apps photos, videos, music and other content and it may not be possible for you to transfer purchased content to a different Windows Live ID.

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3 responses to this post.

  1. very interesting information shared..Iam very happy to read this articles..thanks for giving us nice info.Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this blog


  2. I am located in India and My Live ID is registered against that location, but there is no marketplace service available in INDIA. To change the location I need to create a new Windows live ID and not able to edit/change my default ID. The problem is my phone is UNLOCKED, will it lock my phone after a reset???


    • Hello Mohammed,

      If you are referring to SIM unlocked then you will be fine but If you mean Developer Unlocked then the phone will need to be unlocked again. Cheers!


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