Comparison: Microsoft Office Suite and

Microsoft has released a set of videos, comparing its Microsoft Office suite with,  one of the freeware alternative ( OpenOfficeZoho Office, Thinkfree, Google DocsLotus Symphony) to Microsoft Office. It has released a video, A Few Perspectives on, where several customers have shared their experiences with and why they came back to Microsoft Office.

According to Microsoft;

Microsoft Office is designed to give your people the best productivity experience, help IT be more efficient, and add business value. By choosing Microsoft Office, you’re equipping your business with a dependable set of tools that will help add value to your business, enhance your IT strategy, and strategically support your business today and in the future.

In comparison offers a limited set of productivity tools that don’t deliver the full range of features your users need for the best productivity experience. In addition, lacks the required interoperability, infrastructure, tools, and architecture. So, you risk additional IT complexity that may lead to hidden costs that can negate any license savings.

Read this brochure released by Microsoft and find out the five things to consider before you rely on

They have also released the following videos:

Microsoft Word vs Writer
Microsoft PowerPoint vs. Impress
Microsoft Excel vs. Calc.


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