October 2010 Security Bulletin: Microsoft releases 49 Security Patches

Microsoft on Tuesday 12 Oct released sixteen (16) bulletins addressing 49 vulnerabilities affecting Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and the .NET Framework. Six bulletins expected are rated Critical, ten are Important and two are Moderate. Three of the bulletins account for 34 of the total vulnerabilities.

MS10-073 contains an Important update for Windows XP that addresses a local Elevation of Privilege as part of the two additional Stuxnet related elevate privilege vulnerabilities that were announced in September. It was reported that the second and final issue will be addressed in an upcoming bulletin.

the patches released on Tuesday include software to fix a vulnerability exploited by the Stuxnet virus, which is the program that attacks PCs. This malware program attacks PC on power plants and other infrastructure running Siemens industrial control systems.

This same virus is a menace is parts of the middle east but also in other areas. Apparently, the highest concentration of the virus on computer systems has been spotted in Iran, though it was also spotted in Indonesia, India, the United States, Australia, Britain, Malaysia and Pakistan.

Microsoft is serious about chasing down the Stuxnet virus since it has patched three of the four vulnerabilities exploited by Stuxnet’s. The total of 49 vulnerabilities updates, exceeds the previous record of 34; this was set last year in October 2009 and which was matched patches issued in June and August of 2010.

See links for complete details: MSRC: October 2010 Security Bulletin Release | TechNet: Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for October 2010 | Security Research and Defense: Assessing the risk of the October security updates.


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