Zune services coming to India, along with Windows Phone 7

It was recently announced at the Windows Phone 7 launch that the Zune will soon be coming to India. Zune 4.7 was released a few days ago. With this new release, the Windows Phone 7 support is added to the Zune software and along with that, the Zune services will now be made available internationally, as more than 30 countries get ready for the Windows Phone 7 .

The Windows Phone 7 is slated to be launched in select Asian markets, later this month. To add to that Microsoft is also planning to launch the Zune Services for Indian users.

This is indeed a great news because there’s a large number of potential users for Music content in India.

All those who are intending to buy a Windows Phone 7 in India can now also enjoy the Zune Services along with it to make the whole Windows Phone experience complete with unlimited music and videos on the go on their devices.

There is currently no information about the subscription plans for Indian market, but it’s expected the pricing will be similar pricing like the one in the USA where Windows Phone 7 launches in first half of next month.

Click here to download Zune 4.7


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