Deploying & Working with Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

Windows XP Mode, a feature in Windows 7 (available to use with Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate versions) is a virtual Windows XP environment which is ready to use with Windows Virtual PC. It is specially designed to help small businesses upgrade to Windows 7 by providing a Windows XP Mode environment capable of running many Windows XP-compatible business and productivity applications.

Using Windows XP Mode business persons can access their custom made software right from their Windows 7 desktop with a single click.

Therefore, Windows XP Mode for Windows 7 gives you the best of both worlds: the ability to enjoy the many benefits of Windows 7 such as increased security, productivity and reliability and getting the most out of your old Windows XP applications.

Deploying Windows XP Mode involves two components, both of which are benefits of Windows 7:

Windows Virtual PC: Windows Virtual PC is a virtualization solution from Microsoft that’s available as a Windows 7 update (.msu) file. You must install the Windows Virtual PC update to each computer on which you want to use Windows XP Mode. You can inject the update in your Windows 7 images.

Windows XP Mode: Windows XP Mode is the virtual machine (VM) running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 (SP3). Microsoft provides Windows XP Mode is an executable (exe) file. You can deploy Windows XP Mode without customizing it by installing the .exe file. You can also install Windows XP Mode on a lab computer, customize it, and then deploy the VM to each computer

Useful Link(s): Deploying Windows XP Mode | Windows Virtual PC | Download Windows XP Mode | Windows XP Mode IT Professional Deployment Overview | Windows Virtual PC: Documentation and videos.


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