Windows Phone 7: Copy and Paste feature to be introduced in early 2011

Windows Phone 7 is fresh out the door and Microsoft is trying to make as many waves as possible. By first announcing 10 new phones that will land on carriers around the world.

Microsoft is now saying that the device will support copy and paste in early 2011.

Microsoft has gone on the record to say that copy and paste will hit the platform in early 2011 but a firm date was not given. It was quite a surprise to hear that copy and paste would not be supported in the initial release as Microsoft made this a staple of their older mobile OS. Apple users were perturbed by not having that simple but crucial feature on the iOS platform for several iterations and are mockingly pointing out that WP7 does not currently support this feature.

Microsoft demonstrated the upcoming feature to CNET on Monday. The copy and paste feature will work by letting users click on a particular word that will allow them to expand the selection further. Separate paste functions are built in but the look is not yet final.

Microsoft is just now starting to make its inroads in what will surely be a massive marketing campaign to make the public aware of the platform and all of its capabilities. With a huge budget and a tier one marketing group, its fair to say that the game is on for Microsoft and it wants the world to know about its platform.


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  1. […] company is currently planning to unveil a first update, to introduce copy and paste functionality, in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Microsoft recently began distributing the copy and paste […]


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