The Windows Phone 7 Portal goes live!

Today marks the much anticipated release of Windows Phone 7, and Microsoft has opened the Windows Phone 7 portal. No devices are listed as of yet but you can get a peek at the Features, Help and How-Tos as well as Apps. There are many videos and walk-throughs for everyone that may be interested in getting a closer look at the features that will be available.

Some of the features that will be available:

– Live Tiles to quickly view everything important to you
– People Hub and Facebook which brings your contacts and Facebook together
– Pictures Hub and Camera for taking photos and uploading them all in minutes
– Music and Videos Hub allows you to play your media synced wirelessly with your PC as well as streaming media from Marketplace
– Office Hub for productivity by using the pre-installed Office Mobile
– Games Hub which allows you to play games with XBox Live
– Marketplace Hub for apps, music and games anytime
– Search & Maps featuring Bing featuring one button search
– Email featuring Outlook Mobile
– Calendar which allows you to save all your work and events in one view
– Internet Explorer Mobile for web browsing
– Find My Phone and Windows Live in those rare cases you misplace your phone

For those looking at WP7 and looking for How-Tos the Windows Phone 7 Portal offers a wide range of help from how to make calls to tips and tricks for your phone as well as explanation of icons and their uses.

Visit: Windows Phone 7 Portal and discover Windows Phone 7!

Below are videos which highlight some features of this new mobile operating system. The videos cover Speech recognition, Search feature and Personalizing Start screen.

1) Speech Recognition:

Get Microsoft Silverlight


2) Search feature:

Get Microsoft Silverlight


3) Personalizing Start screen:

Get Microsoft Silverlight


Get Microsoft Silverlight


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