What is a Microsoft Signature PC and Software?

Microsoft Signature PCs are those PCs that are purchased from the Microsoft Store and which come with full versions of the software you need, pre-configured and ready to run.

Introduced last year, a Microsoft Signature PC is configured by Microsoft engineers to operate at peak performance with superior reliability. It includes 30 days of free technical support for your software. Buy a new PC and you can get free phone support for the first 90 days.

These PCs include the following Signature suite of programs:

* Internet Explorer
* Windows Media Center
* Internet TV Update for Media Center
* Playready PC Runtime for WMC
* Microsoft Security Essentials
* Microsoft Silverlight
* Adobe Flash Player for IE
* Adobe Acrobat Reader
* Bing 3D Maps
* Zune 4.0
* Windows Live Essentials.

If you have purchased your PC elsewhere but want the Signature experience, you can still go in for the Microsoft Signature Upgrade. If your PC already runs Windows 7, you are good to go and you do not need to pay anything more! However if you are upgrading from Windows Vista or Windows XP, you will have to purchase a Windows 7 Upgrade license.


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